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Reschedule Policy
Take a deep breath if you're feeling nervous.  
It's going to be okay.  
Melissa will guide you through everything and knows right where to begin.  
Soon, you'll be to your organized future.  
But not if you reschedule.
Organized by Melissa understands that sometimes you may need to reschedule your appointment.  To cover travel costs and the loss of being able to schedule another client the cancellation fees are outlined below.
All payments are non-refundable and are not redeemable for cash.  Full rate payments may be applied to another date, space or gifted to another person.  
More Than 24 Organized by Melissa (OBM) Business Hours Notice:
No cancellation fee.
Less Than 24 OBM Business Hours Notice:
If your appointment is cancelled less than 24 OBM Business Hours before the start of your appointment there is a $54 cancellation fee.  Please contact Melissa at (616) 916-0423 to reschedule your appointment if you're cancelling less than 24 OBM business hours prior to the start of your appointment.  See the contact page for details on Melissa's schedule and the OBM business hours.
No Call, No Show:
If Melissa arrives at your location and you're not there at the start of the appointment and didn't contact Melissa there is an $108 cancellation fee.
Thank you!
Take back your space.  Take back your life.
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