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Gift certificates are available

call 616-916-0423 to purchase

In-home Organizing: $54 per hour

Travel Fee May Apply

1 Hour Coaching Calls: $99 per call

Here's a review on the Organized by Melissa Coaching Calls

from a client that

worked through several spaces

over 3 weeks between 4 - 1 Hour Coaching Calls






30 Minute Accountability Calls: $54 per call

Feng Shui Consultations: $299

Corporate Rate: $99 per hour

Ideal for helping your employees moving abroad or out of state.  Companies can save on moving costs from moving trucks to boxes to container costs for shipping overseas, will have happier employees who will spend less on storage units here in the states.  The environmental impacts of an organized move are positive too.  Melissa can also be scheduled to meet and greet your employees on the other side helping them get organized in their new home so that they can focus on getting acclimated to their new city, state or country.

Melissa can also help you or your employees organize your office & workspace.  

Public Speaking: $150 per hour

From PTO meetings to the board room everyone is excited to learn more about how to get organized.  Book Melissa to speak at your next meeting and draw a crowd as craving organization is universal.

Please give Melissa a call at (616) 916-0423 for your free Needs Assessment which is a 15 to 30 minute phone call where we'll talk about your needs, Organized by Melissa's normal process & the next steps for moving forward.   An in-home walk-through is only scheduled when a request for a whole home estimate is made and is subject to availability & location.  The walk through isn't a consultation but a viewing of the project to provide an estimate.

Melissa travels throughout the country & is willing to travel abroad.  

A travel fee may apply.  

Call Melissa at 616-916-0423 to find out if you have a travel fee & how much it will be.

All payments are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. 

Payment is due at the time of booking by credit card over the phone or when in person by cash, check made out to Organized by Melissa L.L.C. or credit card.

Please note that the hourly rate is subject to change.

​Organized by Melissa reserves the right to refuse service.


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