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Organizing + Times of High Stress

When I work with my clients the topic of stress comes up a lot. The fact that they're under stress, that the clutter in their home is causing them stress & that in general, stress is making it hard to get organized. What I want for my clients & for you is to have an oasis space throughout your home that functions well even during times of high stress. We all know that no matter how hard we try to do good & be good outside factors & circumstances are going to cause stress. Illness, car accidents, the death of a loved one are just a few examples that can spiral an already unstable environment like a cluttered house into oblivion. Where people feel as though they've lost control of their home & they just can't get it back to where they want it to be. When the fog lifts & the outside circumstance has started to pass or heal suddenly realization sinks in. All of that stuff, that clutter, has to be dealt with. But how?

That's when I often get the phone call. A new client, coming out of a fog of grief or illness or some other stressful situation, picks up the phone & calls. We go to work, working room by room through their home using my 3 Phase Process. Slowly, the stress melts away. As I set up each space based on their needs & coach my client through decision making what I want for them is to have a home that they can relax in but that they can also manage during times of high stress because we all know it will happen again. That's the ebb & flow of life. We have to have a home that can support us through that. One that we can go on auto pilot in, putting things away in their home easily because it's set up in a logical way. One that we can stick to healthy routines in because it has created the environment where we can actually establish them. One that creates a positive place for children to play, friends to gather & one that wraps us in a warm hug after a long day, week or even year. Your home should just clip together during times of high stress, not cause you high stress. This is one of the key motivating factors for me as a business owner. I want to help people to be able to help themselves. This idea that our homes can support us in this way is what moves me forward.

What I want you to do is take a slow walk through your home. I want you to think about how you feel when you enter each room, open each closet or look down into the basement & then meander around into every dark corner. Do you feel lifted up? Do you feel supported? Do you feel energized? If the answer is no, imagine what will happen during times of high stress. That home is not going to support you. But it can. There is a solution. I hope you continue to work on your space if you've started & if you haven't yet I hope you're able to make time to do so soon. It is worth it. It's so much better to organize now than when you're juggling some sort of life circumstance that makes it difficult. Remember that you are worth supporting. That your home is a safe space where you can find a sanctuary away from all that stress. Use my Start Here Arrow & 3 Phase Process to get there. It's going to feel so good to take back your space & your life.

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