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Past, Present, Future

Pretty much all we see right now are catchphrases like "let go of the past," "stay present" or "be in the moment." While I love these mantras & agree with them I feel it's not exactly that easy nor is that all there is to it, like "poof" we can waive a wand & let go. I believe that there's something more going on there as we work through things, as we digest what we've experienced, as we rise out of a challenge to be faced with another, as we wonder when things are going to change. Perhaps the change is that we have to embrace radical acceptance in our present situation, face it for what it is while we chew on the past one bite at a time deciding if we like the taste or not & still have hope for the future. Hope that things are about to get really good knowing that even if they don't, we're going to be okay because at our core we're being true to ourselves.

As an organizer, I watch people go through this process as they Sort & Purge during Phase 1 of my 3 Phase Process. They realize that their current situation isn't serving them, which may be clutter in their home that's manifested from years of trying to make broken situations work or after losing a loved one, for example. They're facing the present & are ready to make change through the Power of Purging. As they do this, they go piece by piece through each room of their home & often, through the belongings in their home, face happy memories, difficult times from the past or things they simply have no idea where they came from which leads them to..."What in the world has been going on?" or "Where did this come from?" They aren't simply letting go of the past, they're actually facing it while at the same time accepting the present. It's a balancing act, one that is ever changing & always ongoing. They are doing this so that in the present they can have a sense of calm that they're doing what they can to make their home the best it can be not just for the hope of the future but for today, right now, the present. This all happens at the same time. Past, present & future comingled as one. Merry times, sad times, difficult times getting sorted through but always combined. It's a sacred space my clients share with me & that's why I love what I do.

Here's what I want you to do. Tonight as you get ready for bed make a list of the things that are currently your major roadblocks to getting your home organized. That's your present situation & in order to find a solution you have to have radical acceptance that these things are happening. Next, make a list of the things from the past that got your home to where it is today. For most people, that didn't happen overnight. It was a build up that is the result of many things. What are those things? It's okay, I promise you you're not the only one struggling with these things from the past nor these roadblocks of your present. Think about relationships, circumstances, schedule, family, friends, work, dreams you had, priorities you made or didn't make, denial you were in, all of it. Then, make a list of what you want for your future & your organized home. I call this your Big Picture Vision. Having your home organized can give you not only the satisfaction of finding things when you need them easily, saving money & lowering stress but it can also help you achieve your dreams. It impacts all areas of your life, it makes it easier to think, to change habits, to reach whatever it is you put down on that list. I've watched it happen over & over again. I've seen the results in my client's lives. I've received the testimonials from my clients proving it. It is life changing. But, in order to get there you've got to break it down into pieces to deal with the past, accept the present & push forward with hope for the future.

It is worth it & I know you can do it. Your future & I talked & we can't wait for you to get there but first we want to help you in the present. This is cyclical, organizing is never ending. The more you embrace that the easier it gets. Just like time, it keeps moving forward & it moves fast. It can help you move in the direction you want or it can hold you back if you don't deal with it. It's up to you. Let me know your list, I'd love to see what you put down, even if it's just 3 things from each column.

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.”

― Annie Dillard, The Writing Life

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