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You're Doing a Good Job

Let me just start by saying that you're doing a good job. I believe people, especially adults & among them women, don't hear this often enough. I think about the clients I've worked with that are juggling grief, raising a family, traveling for work - sometimes internationally, managing a household, homeschooling their kids, being a wife or husband, being a daughter or son, being a good citizen, a volunteer, a board member, a change maker & more & how they almost all feel, very often, that they aren't doing enough. I go from home to home & I see what you're all trying to accomplish & I want you to know you're doing a good job. I see the moms in church patiently corralling toddlers back into the pew without losing it after the 50th time. I see the grandma that fills in the gaps of love her grandkids need. I see the divorcee starting over again, being brave & going after a new beginning. I see you.

One of the things that takes a big hit when disorganization & clutter manifests in our home is our self esteem, our confidence & our ability to find solutions easily. Many people, especially women, see their homes as a reflection of themselves. Our homes are like a mirror. If we don't like the reflection we see then we don't like ourselves. That's a big motivator for me as I do my work as a Professional Organizer, I want to help rebuild my client's self esteem & confidence in the process of organizing their homes. I want them to feel good about their home & themselves from the inside out. That's what I want for you as well.

Positive self talk is a big part of getting & staying organized. Remind yourself on a regular basis that you're doing a good job when you wash the dishes, throw trash away right away, get a load of laundry put away or simply share some time with your little ones. So many of my clients fall into negative self talk & critique themselves harshly when they dig into their projects. "How could I let this get like this?" is a common question I hear them ask while I'm with them. I always remind them that they've probably been juggling a lot. Have confidence in yourself & know that you can make the changes you crave but only if you cheer yourself on. Negative self talk will only put your mind under stress, slowing you down, making you second guess yourself. The smarter you are the smarter your negative self talk & self doubt will become, convincing you you're not enough. I have to work on this myself on a daily basis, perfectionism can create a lot of negative self talk & that's something I have had to learn a lot about. I'm thankful for that because I can use what I've learned to navigate that in my own life while I coach my clients. Nothing feels better to hear another person say to me, "Thank you for saying that, I really needed to hear that" while we work side by side sorting & purging their belongings. It feels good to lift another person up & in turn it lifts me up to do so.

Today what I'd love for you to do is tell one person in your life that they're doing a good job. Then I'd like for you to write down a list of all of the things you're really good at. What makes you unique, amazing & all around wonderful. When you're feeling like you aren't doing a good job, like you're just not enough, pull that list out. Put it in a file labeled You're Doing a Good Job in your file system. Then, each time you read it remember that someone else in your life needs to hear the same thing. There are so many critics in this world, so much judgement. Today, commit to being the one that lifts someone up. You're doing a good job.

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