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Organized by Melissa's Top 3 Tips to Reach Your Big Picture Vision

In my last blog post I shared my advice on how to decide which room or closet to start with within your home. The next step is to make sure the room has a name. It sounds simple but often when I talk with my clients for the 1st time I hear that the room is a multi-purpose room. It serves many functions or they don't know what they call the room..."It's just the room where all the stuff goes that we don't want people to see" is something I hear often. I ask them what their Big Picture Vision is for this room. "What do you want to do there? How do you want the space to feel? Let's come up with a name to call it." Giving it a name will define what activities will take place there & in turn will tell you what items to keep in that room. For example, calling a room the Basement Storage Room instead of the "unfinished part of our basement that terrifies me to go into" will change how you feel about the room & will help you get started. In addition, it's usually best to make sure there are no more than 3 activities assigned to a room. For example, a guest room could also function as a gift wrap station and craft room but would probably be extra congested if you also try to workout in that room too.

To reach your Big Picture Vision you will want to start with deciding the name of the room & defining the activities that you'll do there because then you'll be able to imagine the finished space in your mind's eye. Visualization is key for organization. I can often see my client's finished spaces before they can because I can imagine the space free of clutter, without stress & as an oasis that they feel supported by. I'm not sure why I can see this from the beginning but I can. You can too. If you see it you will believe it & in turn will achieve it through action. If you're finding that you can't visualize the space give this visualization exercise a try.

Find a space in your home or outdoors that's quiet & take a seat. Close your eyes & take a deep breath in through your nose & out through your mouth. Breath deep into your belly each time making sure your shoulders stay relaxed. Relax each part of your face, then each part of your body, working down from your head to your toes. Continue to breath in & out. Imagine that you're standing at the doorway of the room you've chosen to start with. See how the room looks today, likely a lot of clutter or things you just don't like anymore. Now, as you take a deep breath down into your belly imagine all of those things moving out of the room getting sorted into categories, like with like. Trash is moved out, donations are identified, treasures surface. The floor is clear, now the furniture & the shelves. The space is completely clear of clutter. You shed layers of stress as this happens. You're getting stronger. Now imagine the flooring as you would love for it to look, maybe a polished wood floor with a beautiful area rug you found on your travels. The walls are painted a relaxing color, a soft periwinkle grey perhaps. The light fixture sparkles & shines a warm light into the space. The furniture is exactly what you've always wanted. It has adequate storage, functions well & has clean, beautiful lines. If it's your Home Office you've chosen the chair at your desk looks suited for a powerful royal to make their decisions. The drawers of the desk are organized in a neat fashion, everything you need is at your fingertips. The files are purged & now alphabetized. You can easily access information when you need it. The cords for your electronics are untangled & labeled. You have a home for everything. Your mind feels relaxed. It's as if your home office got a haircut & a total makeover. It feels glamorous. You look forward to going into this room & start drinking your morning tea there instead of keeping the door shut & feeling a knot in your stomach each time you pass it by. Your Big Picture Vision for this room is complete. Can you see it? I can.

Comment below with questions on how to choose a name for the room you're starting with, if you need help defining which activities will take place there so you know what to store there or if you already know that comment with the name of the room you're going to start with plus the activities that will take place there. Feel free to comment with a photo of the room/closet. I read each one & look forward to it.

Dream it. See it. Achieve it.

Your Big Picture Vision awaits you. I can see it.

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