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Organized by Melissa's Top Tips to Prepare to Organize

At the very end of the 1st conversation with my clients I almost always hear: "What can I do to prepare?" Since this is the most commonly asked question here's what I always say: "The night before we begin, if you can do these 3 things it will help you make better decisions faster."

Here's my Top 3 Things To Do Before You Organize:

Getting enough sleep is something we're always told we have to do but when it comes to making decisions, which is at the root of organizing, getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep will help you have the stamina to keep going as you make decisions on what to keep & what to get rid of. Water is incredibly underrated as the number one sidekick for your brain. Our brains are like flowers, no water means wilted flower & wilted brain. Starting out with 20 ounces of water in your system before you start organizing is going to help your brain, your body & in turn make the organizing session a lot easier. Having water on hand during the entire session is also really helpful. Eating a healthy breakfast is also key, I recommend 20 grams of protein to get your brain fully fueled but if you can't do a high protein diet you'll want to watch your protein intake based on your doctor's recommendations.

After this, if you have time, I recommend gathering these baseline organizing supplies to start with. You may end up needing more as you go but these are the baseline items that will help you right away.

I know it's often hard in the beginning to find the items you need to get started so I've gathered some links for you that will help you shop for the items you need right away or to replenish your organizing supplies as you go. I often say I'm in the business of helping people get rid of stuff, not buy new, however, there are some things that actually do assist us along the way. Just remember, you may find some of these things as you go but if you can't put your fingertips on them right away this is an easy way to stock your Organizing Supplies Container & to get what you need in the morning beforehand. Just like I recommend keeping only what you Need, Use & Love I recommend the same when you shop. These supplies will be staples on your organizing adventure.

My top helper to get a good night's rest, Nighttime Recovery by Advocare. If you have questions about Nighttime Recovery please give me a call at 616-916-0423. I'm working with Wix to get this link working but in the meantime please copy & paste it into your web browser.

I drink 120 ounces of water every day by spreading out 20 ounce servings throughout my day with each of my 6 small meals. Here's a great 20 ounce water bottle that will do the measuring for you. I prefer glass or metal water bottles over plastic.

A healthy breakfast doesn't have to take a long time. Here's the Meal Replacement Shake by Advocare that I love. Chocolate is my favorite flavor. Full of protein & other great vitamins this shake makes me feel good & helps me get a well balanced meal I look forward to. If you have questions about the Meal Replacement Shakes please give me a call at 616-916-0423. I'm working with Wix to get this link working but in the meantime please copy & paste it into your web browser.

For the baseline organizing supplies here are examples of what I recommend using:

1. Post-It Notes

2. Black Fine Tip Sharpies

3. Scotch Tape

4. Garbage Bags

5. Empty Containers ~ 5 to start. These can be anything empty in your home so check 1st before you shop. However, plastic totes are the #1 thing my clients end up purchasing for basement, garage & attic spaces. They are handy during the 1st Phase: Sort & Purge as well. I recommend clear totes with a solid lid like this tote has. This is the size I recommend the most. This gives you an extra one for good measure to get started if you buy the 6 pack.

Now that you know what to do to prepare it makes getting started that much easier.

Happy Organizing!

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