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I'm thankful everyday to be doing what I love.  I work with my clients to help them find the source of stress in their homes & businesses, work through the clutter with them and find a place where healing, living & happiness can begin.  For me, helping you take back your space isn't about your stuff, it's about you.   These words from my clients fill my heart with gratitude and sometimes even make me cry.  Some might call me sappy but when I work hard, watch someone go through a transformation and then get feedback like this how can it not move me?

Thank you for letting me be a part of your life. 

"I just told Jon that our room has a whole new energy to it with the crib up and the clothes organized.  I slept so well the past few nights and I truly believe it’s because everything is so organized.  It helped put my mind at ease! You’ll be happy to hear that I brought home a label maker too, so the post-it’s are going away this weekend. Thank you so much for your help!"  ~ Ashley a mom of 2 that is pregnant with twins working hard to live a minimalist lifestyle with her husband 

"This changes your health, your marriage, your kids, your professional life. What more could you ask for?"

~ An Organized by Melissa Customer


"I came into this project thinking that I may be able to finish this on my own and that I might not need you today but you showed that there is value in your service with your ideas and execution. It was a better way to wrap up this big basement project that was better than the vision I had before you came in here today."

~ Sue Keener 


“I love having you here organizing while I’m at work. It really is like having a magic fairy.”

~ Mandy Chardoul


"Melissa was fantastic!! She worked like mad and kept me on task! She's coming back next week. Melissa has a really good sense of exactly how long things will take and she is as pleasant as can be! I'm so glad I had her come to my home and am looking forward to what we will do together next!"

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer


"Just a follow-up on your appointment with us last weekend. 

Thank you so much for the work that you did in our kitchen with[my husband]. He had nothing but praise for your methods and assistance. You probably hear this a lot, but this reorganization is contributing to marital harmony. [My husband] rather disliked the way that the kitchen had been set up, and had complained bitterly to me since we moved in. Now he is happy with it, which encourages him to help put things away. He gave me a tour, explained the rational reasoning behind every placement, and proudly announced how satisfied he was. It was fantastic. Thanks again. We sincerely appreciate your help."

~  A happy Organized by Melissa customer in Ypsilanti, MI


"This [garage] is what I go through to get to my house & if it isn't organized the rest of the house doesn't feel finished."

~ Wendy, Byron Center, MI


"She was just a dream come true!!! Melissa was wonderful at what she does, showed up right on time, and took me through every step!!! Loves doing what I hate. Thank you again Melissa"

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer


"Had an amazingly successful experience reorganizing my entire kitchen with Melissa. It took less than 4 hours. And the best part- she made an overwhelming task FUN! I look forward to our next project...the dreaded basement." 

~ Marilee, East Grand Rapids, MI


"I’m still reeling from last night’s activities.  It feels WONDERFUL to have my dining room back … and even a plan to use it!  Perfect!"

~ Trish S.


"What was your favorite part of today?" asked Liam's mommy at bedtime. "Having Ms. Melissa here."

~ Liam, 4 years old


 "I really got  tremendous value for the price- my best Living Social purchase."

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer


 "Melissa was GREAT!  Professional, friendly, no-nonsense, supportive, creative, inspirational.  Yes, I wholeheartedly support her work and am planning on hiring her for phase two!"

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer


"Melissa was here for 4 hours this morning helping me organize the basement. It looks fantastic! Still some work for Sean and me to do - mostly sorting through. Great experience and would highly recommend her services! Great vision and great worker! I will have her back to our home for more projects. Thanks, Melissa!"

~ Lily, Grand Rapids, MI


"Thanks Melissa!  Chris really enjoyed the opportunity to [go] through and tag items to be discarded.  He's on me now to do the same :-)"

~ Lillian, Kentwood, MI


"Melissa was very easy to work with, shared some wonderful tips.  Got the job done in the time alloted and was very well organized."

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer


"Organized by Melissa is delightful. Melissa came to my house and helped with a project that I dreaded - the laundry room. We finished earlier than the time prescribed, so we went over steps to organize and declutter. It was great. I took away so much from working with her and I will have her back to assist in other areas. Two thumbs up recommendation here!"  ~ Kerry, Wyoming, MI


"Fabulous kind gentle while directing and efficient"

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer

"This is really to your credit, I couldn't have done this without you." 

~ Sandy Vander Zicht on her newly remodeled & adorable Laundry Room


"Thank you so much! Everyone loved your presentation! I have even heard several staff members [talk] about it because their managers have taken so much information back and shared it!!"

~ Heather Schragg, Quality, Compliance, Risk Manager at Eaton Rapids Medical Center on Melissa's Keynote Speaker presentation to the management team at Michigan's #1 hospital for patient satisfaction


"Your presentation was so amazing and everyone loved it! Staff that didn’t attend have even been talking about it because so many have been talking about the tips we learned!
AND I have been using the “like with like” methods a LOT around my home – and even have attempted digging into my husband’s office space a little bit here and there. We have purchased a few organizers for his desk and he has gone through and gotten rid of a lot so he is starting slow. I have been sharing what I learned from you with my family and friends and it has been so awesome, Melissa!"

~ Heather Schragg, Quality, Compliance, Risk Manager at Eaton Rapids Medical Center on Melissa's Keynote Speaker presentation to the management team at Michigan's #1 hospital for patient satisfaction


"This is inspiring." 

~ Christian Chardoul 


"I've had the pleasure of working with Melissa for 5 days now, tackling the nightmare of the paperwork in my basement. She has been fabulous to work with; she keeps me on track, and so far we have purged bins upon bins of papers. I used to work with an organizer 3 hours a session, usually once a week, but I wasn't making much progress. Having Melissa here 9 am to 6 pm for 3 days in a row means we are finally getting through all the layers; and I see a light at the end of the tunnel!!! I can't wait to get out of the tunnel, and I couldn't have done it without my worker bee Melissa!! :0) Highly recommended!"


"You're working miracles up there!" ~ Cheryl Wegener


"Thanks Melissa for your wonderful support and reorganizing in my kitchen this week. You helped me enjoy the room again and feel like cooking!!!" 


"Thanks Ms. Melissa, you do really great work!" 

~ Liam, 4 years old 


 "Melissa does a great job; she is very thorough, thoughtful and pleasant to work with, and she doesn't judge how messy your house is! She has been an amazing resource; really life-changing."

"Thanks so much---I love my new clean spaces and knowing my projects are all together!!" 

~ Suzanne, Ann Arbor,  MI

"Thank you, just talking about you the other day, we are still enjoying being organized!!! I can't tell you how much happier I am. (:"

~ Susan, Plymouth, MI 

"Melissa was extremely professional. She provided great organization to my kitchen as well as good suggestions on how to keep it organized. Thank you!"

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer

"Melissa was fantastic and so very helpful with organizing and sorting my basement! I couldn't have accomplished this project without her! I would highly recommend her!:)"

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer

 "Melissa was great; offered simple to make changes; worked in a very focused manner and was an incredible help. I highly recommend her!"

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer

 "Melissa is very friendly, personable and professional. She helped me get my kitchen/ dining room and mudroom organized (and, hopefully, stay that way) with a few simple tips. Everything looks so clean and tidy! :)"

~ A happy Organized by Melissa customer

"The work you helped me do really got me off to a great start.   I really appreciate all your help.  You are very good at what you do.

Saturday we celebrate[d] my father-in-laws birthday here and it was SO nice to run down to the basement and pull out my ONE bin of Bday supplies and get what I needed out of there!  And I know there will be more instances of that in the future for other needs.  It helps a TON.  Thanks so much"

~ Shelly, Zeeland, MI

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